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Defining "compulsory pregnancy"
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Date: 2 November 1999, 3:35 pm EST

The compulsory pregnancy ideal espoused by what
we've termed 'compuslory pregnancy advocates' is
actually a very simple concept.  They don't care
what-so-ever about the mechanics of how one
ended up pregnant, (except that by their
measures most pregnancies now-a-days would be
considered sinful) rather what they care about
is that *each and every* single conception
*must* be carried fully to term, no
exceptions. (An impossible ideal.)

Compulsory pregnancy, simply meaning EVERY
SINGLE pregnancy from conception forward must be
carried fully to term (ideally), and any womyn
who should be so unfortunate as to miscary must
immediately come under suspicion of 'attempted

In the CPA universe, pregnancies are to be
guarded and any loss of pregnancy is suspect.

As always, enforcement is impossible,and only
those vulnerable and 'caught' with a loss of
pregnancy will be persecuted. Poor womyn and
womyn without 'connections' would be the most
likely martyrs of the pregnancy enforcement

Compulsory pregnancy amounts to all womyn of
childberring age being redefined as a class into
a suspect nation within the nation.

In reality, naturally, such is completely
unenforceable, thus it gives compulsory
pregnancy advocates, the social movement, an
untenable goal ever to be strived towards,
reaching no conclusions. At absolute 'best' they
may be able to put womyn into closets, hiding
pregnancies, trying to hide miscarriages etc,
the medical paperwork 'proof trail' on
pregnancies and miscarriages would be completely
a zoo. Another 'best' outcome, as decribed by
Bernard Nathanson, is a huge black market in
pills such as RU-486.

So what are they going to do?  Test for pregnancy
daily and separate any womyn who test positive
from the general population to be kept under
constant supervision, lest she try to abort?

Compulsory pregnancy is exactly the kind of
'unresolvable issue' that Biblical Americans can
build a movement around. There will be cultural
struggles and upheaval, but an endlessly
unreachable 'winning condition'. In layman's
terms, that's an endless supply of busywork.


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