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Four Themes of Biblical America

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Johnny Hunter: The homosexuals in California are having a problem. A lot of them end up in the emergency room 'cause people gotta remove little hamsters and stuff out of their rear ends. Don't hear that kind of talk from pulpits often, do you? They have wild animals crawling around in there trying to get themselves sexual pleasure. So when you see the Bible connecting up two things, it do that for a purpose because they knew somebody was going to be sick enough to try that mess.

Philip Ney: From time immemorial humans apart from terrible conditions have always buried their dead, and you think well that's just to get rid of an unsighly body and the stench etcetera. But there may be something more basic. It's trying to get rid of human decomposing proteins, because you don't want bacteria exposed to this, because they then can result in, er, ah, a whole bunch of resistant bacteria.

And when you think of Houston, or whether you think of St. Louis, or whereever you think of, think of the cities upstream that are dumping into that water macerated babies. Aborted flesh down the toilets, and people are drinking that. And swimming in it. And you can rightly have that disgusted look on your face because it is disgusting. You're swimming in water that's tainted with the blood of babies, and drinking water that's tainted with the blood of babies. Kind of an awful thought, isn't it?

Richard Welch: We do not respect the devil, we make fun of him, we make light of him, and that's exactly how we should treat him. Those who practice the worship of the devil in any way, we do not respect these religions. We respect every person's conscience, but we do not respect the work of the evil one, the murderer, from the beginning of time...

So this prayer, entitled, "Calling on the Directions from the Center of the Circle." ...

Here's the, what the prayer says. Quote, "I stand in the eye of God. I draw on the nurturing of Mother Earth. I am part of nature."

"Spirit of the west, great black bear of the west, let me hibernate with you." Try it! ...

If we were talking about, once again, some other religion, I would not make fun of it, but we're not. We're talking about something evil, and the best way to treat it is to make fun of it, to laugh in the face of the devil...

I have found this same prayer, with some alterations, they pray to different animals, usually, in virtually every country in the world I've been to. But everyone says to me, but father, these are native prayers. These are Native American prayers, how could you be against a Native American prayer? Well, then you want to back off, and say whoa, I don't want to be against the Indians or their native prayers...

I defy anybody here to identify these notions or these vias or praying to these different corners of the world as having anything to do with the Bible or Catholic tradition or having anything to do with nearly two thousand years of worship. You will not find it in Catholic worship, you will not find it in any Christian worship. You will find it in every case of satanic worship. I have consulted dozens of books of satanic worship and witchcraft and it's in every one of them.

Promise Keeper speaker: The Bible says, there is no distinction between races, language or culture, that Christ is all and in all... We are one in Christ, one body, one race, one new man.

Star Parker: Bishop Adler often says of the pro-life debate, as we lose a little battle here and there, he says, "well, we'll just keep having our kids, we'll just keep having our kids, 'cause one day we'll outnumber them."

Paul Marx: You may not know it but you're living in a dying country in terms of native birthrates...

Except for the more than a million immigrants into this country every year now we would be a very dying country. In other words, we have lots of sexual activity, but natively too few babies to reproduce ourselves and therefore we are dependent on mostly hispanics, eighty percent mexicans by the way, and except for them we would indeed be very dying as is the whole Western world...

Seventy-nine nations in the world now are dying, they represent forty percent of mankind. And since 1971 the percentage growth of mankind has been falling, falling, falling, and last year for example there were six million fewer babies born than the year previous. And there's nothing to suggest that this will change...

And right now Europe is becoming a gigantic vacuum. In Germany for example there are fifteen hundred mosques, now I have nothing against the Moslems, thank God they love children and have them. And by the way, in the year 2000 there will be more Moslems in the world than Catholics for the first time in history. Because the Moslems have children, and the Catholics and Christians in the Western world, and in most parts of the world, like their [unintelligible] bretheren and Jewish friends are having fewer and fewer children. And babies are the only future that the nation has, babies are the only future that the churches have.

Mercedes Arzu Wilson: All of the population of the world, the entire population of the world, and this is good for the young people to understand, that the world is not overpopulated. That you could put the entire population of the world in the state of Texas, in a little house, well it's not a little house, 3400 square feet, with three people living in each house, even with a little dog, and the rest of the world would be empty. So the world is not overpopulated. This is the kind of information we have to give our children.

Paul Marx: What is the answer? Do I believe in birth control? Of course I do, I practice it all the time. Some of you are wondering my method. I have the occasion to tell you. I use the "C" method, it's called celibacy. It's worked for seventy-seven years.

Credits: Produced by Mike Doughney/Lauren Sabina Kneisly.
Additional footage: American Life League / Amerivision/Lifeline / The Benson Company / Coral Ridge Ministries / Human Life International / Jeremiah Films / Missionaries to the Preborn.
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  • Johnny Hunter, Operation Rescue National leader, Orlando, Florida, June 1, 1998.
  • Philip Ney, Professor, University of British Columbia, speaking at Human Life International conference, Houston, Texas, April 16, 1997.
  • Richard Welch, President, Human Life International, speaking before their conference, Houston, Texas, April 16, 1998.
  • Unidentified speaker (Tom Claus?), Promise Keepers rally, Washington DC, October 4, 1997
  • Star Parker, President, Coalition on Urban Renewal, at Reclaiming America for Christ conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 27, 1998.
  • Paul Marx, Founder and Chairman, Human Life International, at American Life League conference, October 1997.
  • Mercedes Arzu Wilson, at American Life League conference, October 1997.

Originally webpublished January 20, 1999

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