This page concerns Randall Terry's 1998 campaign for Congress from the 26th district of New York - not his more recent campaign for a Florida Senate seat.
Randall Terry Campaign Video (1998)
"I'm a fighter. This film tells what I'm willing to fight for."
-- January 5, 1998, press release from Randall Terry for Congress

These are excerpts from the Randall Terry for Congress video, entitled "Freedom." This version is being distributed in the box pictured to the left. Other versions of this tape, and tapes for other "Patrick Henry Men" candidates incorporating elements of this tape, have also been produced. We've obtained a "Liberty Tour Video" which is very similar to this one, and the "Mike McMonagle for Congress" video which only incorporates most of the narrated elements.

Randall Terry: Politicians in both parties keep giving us empty promises, telling us how their latest government program or legislation is going to save us. But things keep getting worse. The deficits continue, our taxes go up, the national debt goes up. Test scores go down. Crime flourishes while justice is dying. Millions of American jobs have been shipped overseas and now it often takes two incomes for a family just to survive.

Randall Terry: The solutions we are proposing are based on the beliefs and principles held by Patrick Henry, George Washington, John and Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Teddy Roosevelt. Principles of liberty, self-government under God, freedom from government tyranny and intrusion, freedom from opressive taxes.

Narrator: The principles of liberty and self-sufficiency, based on Christian ethics, were so deeply rooted that even during the Great Depression, men traveled from city to city to find jobs rather than resort to crime.

Narrator: During the Great Depression, the federal government made a fatal change in direction. The federal government abandoned the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, principles of individual freedom and responsibility. And the government arrogated to itself the role of provider and caretaker. Federal politicians rejected the tried-and-true principles of liberty and justice put in place by George Washington, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams and other founders, and took on a Messianic role, embracing the foolishness of Marxist socialist thought. In other words, the government decided it would become our savior. Any efforts the government made to be our messiah were doomed from the start. We know the savior was born in Bethlehem - not Washington, D.C.

Narrator: The reality is that the government welfare experiment at the federal and state levels has failed miserably. It must be completely dismantled and replaced with truly compassionate poverty relief that is personal and voluntary, not government run.

Narrator: But we know the welfare savior agenda of government isn't the only cause of America's chaos. We have witnessed something far more treacherous and life-threatening to our republic - the betrayal of our Christian roots. For two generations now, thousands of American judges and legislators at the federal state and local level have self-consciously abandoned and attacked America's Judeo-Christian foundation. The founders clearly understood and proclaimed that America was being built on the principles of Biblical thought and law. George Washington boldly declared, "It is impossible to rightly govern in this world without God and the Bible." [Incorrect. -ed.] The Declaration of Independence stated a clear belief in God the creator, God the lawgiver, God the judge, and God the provider. Moreover, the founders plainly stated that our rights and duties came from God and his law, not the state and its rules and regulations. In George Washington's farewell address, he warned his fellow Americans, "Don't call the man a patriot who subverts religion and morality." [Incorrect. -ed.] Yet tragically, it is unrighteous judges and legislators who claim to be patriots that have subverted religion and morality, and have promoted evils that two generations ago were unthinkable. For example, abortion.

Narrator: Congress repeatedly funds so-called art that mocks Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ, such as a crucifix immersed in a vat of urine. Congress passed a law giving special rights to drug addicts and people with deadly diseases brought on by their own behavior. And judges, legislators and school officials keep siding with militant homosexuals who want to destroy the institution of marriage and recruit our children into their horrifying practices. No matter what judges in Hawaii or anywhere else say, two men or two women can never be married. God made marriage as a sacred bond between a man and a woman.

Narrator: The tragic truth is that most of the destructive forces eating away at America were unleashed on us by federal or state judges and politicians. Those called to lead and protect our country are destroying her and leading us into chaos and violence. Those who swore an oath to defend the Constitution have trampled it. Government should be our quiet righteous servant, it has become an arrogant, often evil master.

Posted 1998-01-28

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