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Biblical America Resistance Front
Monitors Operation Rescue National
and other Compulsory Pregnancy Advocates in Dayton, Ohio, July 13-19, 1997

BARF Actions

The BARF Zero-Tolerance T-Shirt

Both of us have worn white T-shirts with these graphics to the demonstrations on Wednesday and Thursday.


The photos on the front of the shirt are closeups of the faces of people who were participating in the actual blockades of clinic doors on Monday and Tuesday. Each of these individuals was either at the door, on the steps, or part of the crowd within about 15 feet of the door.

The woman in the top left corner is Eva Edl, and the white-haired gentleman on the right is the pastor of a Buffalo, New York church.

Reactions to these graphics by the anti-abortion demonstrators has been interesting to say the least! Some are very proud to have been caught on film while blockading a clinic, and some wish to obtain copies of the graphics for themselves. Some are ambivalent, and we've been accused (by the Buffalo pastor, in fact) of having produced the T-shirts only to sell them for profit. Hmmmm...

BARF! on Operation Rescue
Sunday, July 13, 1997, 6 pm

Protest at Christ Life Sanctuary, 4555 Marshall Road, Dayton. Please park at either Ireland Park (across Marshall Road) or Ernst Park (behind the church). Call the 24 hour BARFline for detailed information, or view the flyer.



Operation Rescue National Schedule of Events and Speaker List
Received 7/13/97; this is the first event and speaker list we've seen that appears to be an official ORN release - no others included the ORN logo. It includes a list of the pastors and churches that are participating in Operation Rescue's invasion of Dayton.

"The Return to Truth" two-page brochure

"The Defender" from "The Jericho Project" 4 page newsletter dated May 1997

"Operation Rescue Meets Partial Birth Abortion"

"Return to Truth Schedule of Events"

"The Return to Truth - A Pledge for Nonviolence"


These are RealAudio recordings of telephone hotlines.

Last updated 1997-7-21; reformatted 1998-1-18 and 2006-07-16

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