Action Letter



May, 1998

"Homosexuals are trying to compare their plight with the plights of black men
and black people. Homosexuality is a decision. It's not a race."

Rev. Reggie White, Green Bay Packers

Dear AFA friends,

The above comments, among others, set off a fire storm of negative publicity for professional football player Reggie White a few weeks ago.

It was big news on talk radio, CNN and fodder for newspaper columnist across the country. Reggie was dubbed a "homophobe" and his speech was deemed "very offensive," by cultural elitists and media pundits.

And now his speech might just cost him a lot of money by way of losing endorsements. Campbell Soup Company and Nike athletic shoe company were considering dropping Reggie as a spokesperson for their respective companies at the timeof this writing.

No question about it. The cultural elites turn their guns on any one who steps out of the "politically correct" line when it comes to homosexuality.

You may recall what happened to Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame a few years back. Rooney had a commentary about how so many of the health problems Americans experience could be avoided by using some common sense. He said if people would quit smoking cigarettes they wouldn't get lung cancer. Included in his list of unhealthy, yet controllable, health hazards was "homosexual behavior." The day after this comment, under pressure from the gay rights groups, CBS chastised Rooney, forced him to apologize publicly, and then forced all their employees to undergo "gay sensitivity" classes.

Most Americans are unaware of the powerful inroads the homosexual groups have made in corporate America. Do you know...

Which large U.S. company has the largest gay/lesbian/bi-sexual! transgendered employee organization? Answer: AT&T.

Which company this year began providing corporate funding for its employee homosexual and lesbian group while denying funding to its Christian employee organization? Answer: American Express.

Which of these major oil companies - Amoco, Mobil, Shell or Chevron - now extends same sex domestic partner benefits to their employees? Answer: all four.

Which major on-line computer information service sponsored "Cherry Delight," a weekend of homosexual dances and parties created to raise funds for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund (Washington Blade, 3/27/98). Answer: America Online.

What major entertainment giant was named "Corporation of the Year" for 1997 by the International Society of Gay & Lesbian Media Professionals? Answer: The Walt Disney Company.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of all this is that likely a large percentageof the earnings of these companies comes from people like you and me, people who would agree with Reggie White that homosexuality is immoral and unnatural. Frankly, I had rather not support a company that is trying to convince our culture that homosexuality is merely an "alternative lifestyle." I'll bet you feel the same way.

Now I have some encouraging news. In late March representatives from several pro-family organizations - including Allen Wildmon from the AFA - meet with American Airlines at the invitation of AA President Robert Crandall. (If you have been reading the AFA Journal you know that we have reported on the numerous times American has sponsored homosexual events, appeared in homosexual publications with advertisements and even
created a special team within their marketing department to target and recruit homosexual business. No other company, with the possible exception of Disney, has been as openly gay friendly as AA.)

The meeting was very productive. In the past Mr. Crandall had held that his company had maintained a neutral attitude toward the gay lifestyle and that AA was in business to fly airplanes and make money. However during the meeting he seemed to come to a greater understanding that his company's marketing efforts were indeed advancing and promoting the gay agenda. Mr. Crandall offered some changes in policy. He has agreed to:

1. Cease American Airlines sponsorship of homosexual parties.

2. Refrain from targeting and promoting to homosexuals as a market segment.

3. Refrain from open advocacy or endorsement of organizations with active political agendas.

That a company would reevaluate and change its policy is a great testament to the power of persuasion when the facts are on your side. Our group of pro-family representatives had done its homework and seemed to know more about American Airlines' pro-gay activities than Mr. Crandall himself. We applaud him for meeting with us and for being willing to change his company's policies and practices.

To show our appreciation, I want you to send Mr. Crandall the enclosed postcard better yet, write a personal letter. In a polite way encourage him to stand fast and follow through with his promises. Be assured that gay activists are going to turn up the heat on Mr Crandall and American Airlines.

In addition, sign and mail the enclosed postcard to Reggie White. He really needs to hear from us. Reggie has been under tremendous pressure from powerful people and organizations.

A day after he made his speech, Reggie courageously said, "I'm not going to live the life where I'm trying to please everybody. I don't need any more money.... I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.... I like people to think good of me, but I'm not going to sell out."

Finally, let me ask you to make as generous a gift as you can to AFA this month. We continue to work with companies such as American Airlines, often behind the scenes and without much fanfare. It is difficult duty.

As I've stressed to you here before, those who diametrically oppose the Christian values on which the country was founded, are fighting us tooth and nail every day. They are unrelenting and often very well financed.

As we labor, we are counting on your support to continue the vital work of AFA. Please pray about your involvement.

P.S. If you are a subscriber to America Online, the computer information service, please express to them your disappointment in their sponsorship of Cherry Delight, the gay party weekend mentioned above. Write AOL President Steve Case at

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